A Lifetime of Caregiving, New Love, and Cancer Recovery Are the Inspiration Behind

New Orange County Home Care Agency, CareWorks Health Services


Laguna Hills, CA (June 7, 2016) – Caring for others is in CareWorks Health Services’owner Anh Dang’s DNA. Dang’s Asian heritage instilled in her a great respect for her elders, and when she was 13 years old, her father suffered a stroke that left him disabled. According to Dang, “When you have to care for an ailing parent, it gives you new compassion for what others in a similar situation are going through. It also brings into focus how much the person being cared for desires to maintain independence and dignity.” 


Her experience in helping to care for her father at such a young age planted the seed for her eventual career in home care, but a new love and a cancer diagnosis would lead her to her true path. A chance meeting at Los Angeles International Airport in 2009 blossomed into love for Dang and Dateline correspondent Josh Mankiewicz, who were married this May. During their courtship, Dang was diagnosed with breast cancer and received a double mastectomy. Mankiewicz insisted she recuperate in his home, where he could help care for her and make her comfortable.


Since 2010, Dang had operated her home care business under the banner of a large franchise company, but her cancer diagnosis, treatment, recovery and the care provided by her now husband increased Dang’s appreciation of the work that loved ones and caregivers provide. “It revealed the importance of finding someone who is a caretaker at heart, and it made a big difference in how quickly I recovered,” Dang says. It also solidified her decision to strike out on her own with an independent home care agency that could provide the level of care, compassion, and exceptional customer service that she knew from experience families needed.


In 2015, Dang opened CareWorks Health Services in Laguna Hills, CA, as a locally owned and operated agency where she and her team of professional caregivers focus on helping seniors and disabled individuals maintain independence and improve quality of life through skilled medical care as well as non-medical life assistance services. “Nothing beats receiving care at home,” Dang notes from experience. “Having a nurse or caregiver come to you to provide care in a place that is familiar, quiet, and comfortable makes all the difference, and at CareWorks, we want to make that difference for others.”


About CareWorks Health Services
CareWorks is a licensed home health care agency that provides both non-medical care and skilled nursing care services to clients in the comfort of home. CareWorks employs highly trained, bonded and insured caregivers and registered nurses who can provide a variety of in-home care services, including specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care. CareWorks is also a proud member of the American Board of Home Care, whose mission is to promote uniform enforcement of the Labor Board and Home Care Consumer Services Act, legal and ethical business practices and serve as a platform for unified action and the development of common, lawful standards in the home care industry. To learn more about CareWorks Health Services, visit their website at www.careworkshealthservices.com or contact them at (949) 859-4700.