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Orange County Home Care
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Orange County Home Care Tip: 3 Ways to Turn Around Difficult Family Dynamics

We’ve all experienced them: the difficult family dynamics that can cause emotions to run high, old wounds to be reopened, and strife that can wreak havoc on otherwise healthy relationships. As family members age, however, these feuds can cause…
Orange County Alzheimers Care
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Exciting Potential for Alzheimer’s Patients to Regain Lost Memory

Have you ever spent time in the company of someone battling Alzheimer’s disease? If so, you’ve likely discovered how difficult it can be to carry on a meaningful discussion of past events. Imagine how frustrating it is to have accumulated…
Vitamins for senior care
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Are Those Vitamin Supplements REALLY Safe for Seniors?

Seniors who care about their health make sure to include a variety of food groups in their diet, get plenty of sleep, and exercise. They are also likely to begin their day with a dose of daily vitamins to ensure they’re meeting that “recommended…