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Learn the Unique Symptoms Latino Seniors with Dementia May Experience

New research sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association is uncovering some unexpected results in the unique signs and symptoms Latino seniors with dementia may experience. While more exploration is required to completely understand whether these differences are the outcome of social/cultural nuances or perhaps the dementia itself, it is important information for Latino families to learn. […]


Providing Care When a Loved One Denies the Dementia Diagnosis

“Why would you think I have dementia? There isn’t anything wrong with me!” If you’ve heard a person with dementia communicate this sentiment, you might have assumed that individual was merely unwilling to accept a tough diagnosis. The truth is, however, that oftentimes individuals with dementia and other conditions are experiencing anosognosia—an unawareness of their […]


Diagnosed with Dementia: Understanding the Progression a Loved One May Face

Among the first questions in most people’s minds when a loved one is diagnosed with dementia is precisely what to anticipate in the time to come. We understand that the hallmark of dementia is the increasing decline in cognitive abilities as well as the skills needed to take care of day-to-day life activities. Yet every […]


What Does It Mean when Lucidity Returns at the End Stages of Dementia?

Even as confusion and memory loss escalate throughout the end stages of dementia, there’s an interesting and welcome reprieve that frequently occurs. Formerly coined “terminal lucidity,” it’s more frequently now known as “paradoxical lucidity.” It signifies a sudden, short-term regaining of clarity to a nearly pre-dementia frame of mind. During this period, the effects can […]


Shadowing Behaviors and What They Really Mean for Seniors with Dementia

Primary caregivers for a loved one with Alzheimer’s are typically acquainted with the difficulty experienced in trying to take a quiet minute or two alone – to use the bathroom, get a brief shower, or even walk into another room. Those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can experience enhanced fear when a loved one is out of […]


Create a Memory Book for Seniors with Dementia

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss Memories are what bind together our past with who we are today; and for a senior with dementia, confusion around these memories can have a profound impact. One of our goals in taking care of seniors with […]


Is It Senior Forgetfulness – or Dementia?

You entirely forgot about the doctor’s appointment scheduled for last Tuesday, misplaced your reading glasses for the umpteenth time, and can’t remember the name of the new neighbor for the life of you. Is all of this simply an ordinary part of growing older, or could it be the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease or another […]


7 Simple Tips to Handle a Frustrating Dementia Behavior: Refusal to Change Clothes

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or some other type of dementia requires empathy, creativity and patience, the ability to step away from your own reasoning and logic and understand why a particular behavior is happening, and then to figure out the best way to successfully manage it. That is certainly the situation with a loved […]


Dementia Caregiver Tip: How to Respond When You’re Falsely Accused

It can come seemingly out of nowhere: you place your loved one’s favorite tuna sandwich in front of her – light on the mayo, no onions – something that usually brings her pleasure. But today, she pushes the plate away and refuses to take a bite, insisting that you’ve poisoned the food. Or, you’ve provided […]


Difficult Behaviors Associated with Dementia: Rummaging

Looking through bins, cupboards, and closets, pulling out odds and ends from drawers, and sorting repetitively through many different items might be frustrating for people providing care for a loved one with dementia, but in reality these actions are fulfilling an objective. Rummaging may provide a measure of comfort for those with Alzheimer’s, through identifying […]


Living with Dementia: Is It Alzheimer’s or LATE dementia?

An individual who displays memory loss, confusion, poor judgment, repetition, and challenges with carrying out day-to-day activities has the distinguishing signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, right? The truth is, what seems like a clear-cut case of Alzheimer’s may really be a newly recognized dementia. Referred to as LATE, or limbic-predominant age-related TDP-43 encephalopathy, this […]


The Benefits of Journaling when Caring for Someone with Dementia

Caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is a fluid, ever-evolving undertaking. One day can be calm and peaceful, with your family member taking pleasure in activities, eating healthy meals, and sharing laughter with you; while the next day might be filled with agitation, anxiety, and sullenness. Exactly what will today bring? Figuring out how […]