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Providing Elderly Care Comes with Safety Concerns for Caregivers

While the ultimate goal is to increase the health and safety for seniors they love, family caregivers, unfortunately, sometimes end up diminishing their own health in the process. An incredible 94% of caregivers in a recently available study conducted by Ohio State University documented musculoskeletal pain in at least one part of their body – and […]


Replacing Caregiver Stress with Joy Through Intentional Gratitude

Our facial expressions expose so much to those around us, and when you’re feeling an abnormal quantity of stress, well-meaning family members will surely pick up on it, possibly encouraging you to simply, “Cheer up, buttercup!” In reality, of course, it will require far more than a few words to turn our mood around. Nonetheless, […]


Wise Advice Dementia Caregivers Wish They’d Known Sooner

At times, the best lessons in life come about through going through them firsthand; yet the wisdom we are able to glean from those who have traveled a comparable route before us is priceless. If you’re a dementia caregiver and becoming a bit overwhelmed in this uncharted territory, the suggestions below might help: A brief […]


Caregiving Within Difficult Family Dynamics

It is no surprise that difficult family dynamics can affect a caregiver’s attitude. For people who have been brought up by loving parents who took care of all their needs, providing the same degree of care may simply be second nature. But what if you have been negatively affected by childhood experiences and have resolved […]


When Family Dynamics Impact Taking Care of Elderly Parents

If you want to see a family that has unending patience with each other, stays together through any situation and has unconditional love for each other, you’ll want to watch reruns of The Waltons. But if your family is like most, there’s at least some degree of dysfunction, some leftover stubborn sibling rivalry, and in […]


Try These Timesaving Tips for Caregivers and Cut Back on Stress

“If only there were a few more hours in the day!” If you are in the “sandwich generation”, most likely you can relate to this sentiment, as you are constantly juggling the needs of your children and the needs of your aging parents. The following timesaving tips, however, may help to shave just a few […]


You’re Not Alone: Help is Here, Laguna Hills Senior Caregivers

We’re a do-it-yourself society; one that particularly values self-reliance, and applauds the people that pull themselves up by their bootstraps and handle as much as possible by themselves. However, the reality is, there are some things we just can’t accomplish all alone; things that can possibly cause injury to ourselves or perhaps other people when […]


3 Tips to Help Caregivers Let Go of Guilt

When you are a family member providing care for an aging or chronically ill loved one, you experience a broad range of emotions, challenges and rewards on a regular basis. In fact, very few (if any) emotions don’t come into play at one time or another during caregiving – and sometimes, the full spectrum of […]


Orange County Home Care Tips: 3 Ways to Turn Around Difficult Family Dynamics

We’ve all experienced them: the difficult family dynamics that can cause emotions to run high, old wounds to be reopened, and strife that can wreak havoc on otherwise healthy relationships. As family members age, however, these feuds can cause even greater damage, as elderly loved ones who need a unified family support system are faced […]


Tips for Easing Restlessness in Dementia

Pacing. Fidgeting. Wandering. When you begin to notice these clues in a person with dementia, it is time to take action before they intensify to agitation, aggression, or leaving the house. But figuring out why the individual is feeling restless is sometimes half the battle. To begin with, ask yourself the following questions when observing restlessness […]


Taking Care of Someone With Dementia? These Resolutions Are for You.

People around you may be resolving to lose ten pounds, exercise more, and eat healthier, but as a family caregiver taking care of someone with dementia, just getting through the day can be challenging enough. The very thought of working to improve upon any part of your life in this unsettling time can be overwhelming. […]