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Tips for Easing Restlessness in Dementia

Pacing. Fidgeting. Wandering. When you begin to notice these clues in a person with dementia, it is time to take action before they intensify to agitation, aggression, or leaving the house. But figuring out why the individual is feeling restless is sometimes half the battle. To begin with, ask yourself the following questions when observing restlessness […]


Taking Care of Someone With Dementia? These Resolutions Are for You.

People around you may be resolving to lose ten pounds, exercise more, and eat healthier, but as a family caregiver taking care of someone with dementia, just getting through the day can be challenging enough. The very thought of working to improve upon any part of your life in this unsettling time can be overwhelming. […]


Dementia Care: Using Food to Engage and Connect

If there is one thing that connects all of us, it’s food! Think about how many precious memories have been made through the years that included food at the center of them all: wedding celebrations, holiday meals, birthday parties. Even ordinary days involve routines that become ingrained in us around food, from that first aromatic […]


Tips for Helping a Senior with Dementia Downsize

You’ve determined the family home is just too much for your mother and father to manage. A smaller home became available just down the road from you that’s ideal: a lovely flower garden in the front yard, a sunny, updated kitchen, and no stairs to navigate. Now it’s time to tackle the downsizing process. The […]


Researchers Look to Uncover the Link Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

Are you finding the need to turn the TV up louder for a senior you love? Talking more loudly? Repeating conversations the senior loved one missed hearing the first time? Hearing loss in seniors is not uncommon. But recent studies are pointing to a startling connection between hearing loss and dementia. How Hearing and Cognitive […]


Instill Joy and Spark Memories with Reminiscence Therapy for Dementia

Memory loss and Alzheimer’s may seem synonymous. Yet it is crucial to realize that long-term memory frequently remains intact long into the progression of the disease. For this reason, tapping into those distant memories is an ideal strategy to help an older adult with dementia stay engaged in current conversations by connecting to the past. […]


Creating a Dementia-Friendly Home

Modifying the home for someone with dementia is as easy as ABC: make it Accessible, Bright and Calm with these tips: Accessible Foster independence by enhancing accessibility according to the individual’s specific challenges. For instance: Label cabinets, the refrigerator, doors, and other areas of the home the person may frequent with pictures or words to […]


Is It Possible to Live Alone with Dementia?

There has long been an assumption that when someone received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another form of progressive dementia, the only real option was nursing home care. After all, it’s unrealistic for someone to live alone with dementia and continue to reside at home – or is it? Data demands the necessity for […]


How to Respond Safely to Dementia Aggression Using the 6 R’s

Of the many challenging behaviors common in Alzheimer’s, dementia aggression is probably the most difficult to manage. A senior loved one who has always been mild-mannered can abruptly lash out in outbursts that are truly intimidating: hitting, cursing, kicking, yelling, biting, or throwing objects. How can you, as a family caregiver, safely help restore a feeling […]


Effects from These Common Medications Can Mimic Dementia

Confusion. Disorientation. Memory loss. While these are certainly hallmark symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease along with other types of dementia, there are side effects from some commonly prescribed medications can mimic dementia. Before immediately assuming an inevitable diagnosis of dementia, examine the following list of prescribed medicines that can cause similar adverse effects. Pain Medications Opioids in […]


How to Discuss a Potential Dementia Diagnosis with a Doctor

Shame. Embarrassment. Fear. The feelings surrounding a potential dementia diagnosis may cause older adults to keep their suspicions to themselves. A newly released AARP survey peeled away a few of the layers of emotion to get to the reason – namely, worry over losing independence and becoming a concern to others. While there is some […]