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Conversation Starters to Discuss Home Care with Seniors

Noticed any of these signs that could indicate a senior needs extra help at home? Messy house, clutter, pots and pans piling up Confusing or missing doses of medications Difficulty with balance and mobility Confusion over once-familiar tasks Decline in personal hygiene Loss of weight Signs of depression, loss of interest in favorite hobbies and […]


How to Live Longer? Seniors Benefit from a Life of Purpose

What inspires you to get out of bed each and every morning? The answer is different for every one of us, of course, however, there is one commonality: it may be at the root of how to live longer. Scientific studies are showing us that having a feeling of purpose is an essential element in […]


Choose the Best Flu Vaccine for Seniors and Other Tips for Flu Prevention

COVID-19 continues to dominate our overall health concerns, it is important to bear in mind that other illnesses can be equally as dangerous, especially for seniors. Flu season is upon us, and it’s time to ensure that the older adults we love are protected. The flu vaccine for seniors is the best protection against the […]


The Benefits of Setting a Daily Routine for Seniors

Life, especially but not exclusively during the course of the pandemic, can be full of uncertainty. For seniors who are feeling less in control of certain areas of life, such as losing cognitive or physical functioning, focusing on exactly what can be controlled is empowering. An excellent place to begin is by setting a daily […]


Respite Care Exercise Routines Can Help Seniors’ Strength Post-Pandemic

While we are finally working our way toward the end of the pandemic, we’re finding out more about how it has harmed older adults – both physically and emotionally. We realize seniors have been at a greater risk of serious complications and death from the COVID-19 virus, and the impact of 15 months of physical […]


Learn the Unique Symptoms Latino Seniors with Dementia May Experience

New research sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association is uncovering some unexpected results in the unique signs and symptoms Latino seniors with dementia may experience. While more exploration is required to completely understand whether these differences are the outcome of social/cultural nuances or perhaps the dementia itself, it is important information for Latino families to learn. […]


Get Help with Transportation Services for Seniors

As our parents get older, it is not always easy to understand what our role as adult children should be. We want what’s best for them, but if we’re not careful, we will overstep our boundaries and discover ourselves attempting to parent our parents. This is particularly true when safety is a problem. There’s a […]


Assistive Devices for Seniors: Why Aren’t More Seniors Using Them?

Think of the many tools you make use of every single day – your phone, toothbrush, hairbrush – simple things, but ones you cannot picture living without. For many, there are basic assistive devices for seniors available that could mean the difference between living at home and moving to assisted living. However, almost 1/2 of […]


Exceptional Home & Respite Care Services for Newport Beach Seniors

CareWorks Health Services is honored to provide trusted home and respite care services for Newport Beach area aging adults and their families. With customized services designed to meet the needs of each individual, CareWorks provides assistance with personal care, specialized care for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other chronic health conditions, and so much more. […]


Why Some Medications Increase Fall Risk for Seniors

We have known for a long time that there are specific medications that increase the fall risk for seniors. Twenty years ago, a little more than half of seniors were impacted by that risk; however today, that number has increased considerably – to an astounding 94% of seniors who are now vulnerable to falling due to […]


Entertaining Activity Ideas for Seniors with Low Vision and Alzheimer’s

Finding activities that are fun and engaging for a family member with Alzheimer’s can be a challenge. Add in vision impairment, and it might seem extremely daunting. Even so, it is very important to ensure every day holds possibilities for purpose, joy, and meaning – decreasing the level of agitation, frustration, and other challenging behaviors […]


Beware of This Senior Scam That Targets Lonely Seniors

It’s been more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began; a year of fear, isolation, and loneliness for a great many older adults. Physical distancing has eliminated the opportunity for the warmth and comfort of a hug and even an in-person smile in many cases. Yet humans are social creatures, and this diminished socialization […]