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Expert Care for Westminster Seniors

At CareWorks Health Services, we’re dedicated to serving seniors who call Westminster home by helping aging adults continue to enjoy the city’s many offerings. As the trusted provider of home care services in Westminster and the surrounding areas, CareWorks Health Services provides personalized care in accordance with each individual’s specific requests and needs. For some […]


Caring for Senior Parents SOS: Family Counseling

There are particular milestones we might encounter in our lives that, though not necessarily negative, are known stressors. Losing a job. Starting a brand-new job. Getting married. Getting divorced. And one that we in the home care industry are especially mindful of: the physical and mental effect on family members who are caring for aging […]


Caring for Elderly Parents: Assessing Mental Health from a Distance

The isolation and fear as a result of COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the wellbeing of the elderly, with nearly one-half of seniors surveyed in a Kaiser Family Foundation poll stating that their degree of stress and worry was negatively impacting their own health. And even though it still may be risky to visit in […]


Helping Seniors Remain Independent Starts with These Four Steps

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily tasks of caregiving for a senior you care about. There is a great deal to be done, and sometimes it is just simpler and much more efficient to do it all on your own, letting a loved one relax. After all, our elders have taken care […]


Shadowing Behaviors and What They Really Mean for Seniors with Dementia

Primary caregivers for a loved one with Alzheimer’s are typically acquainted with the difficulty experienced in trying to take a quiet minute or two alone – to use the bathroom, get a brief shower, or even walk into another room. Those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can experience enhanced fear when a loved one is out of […]


Create a Memory Book for Seniors with Dementia

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss Memories are what bind together our past with who we are today; and for a senior with dementia, confusion around these memories can have a profound impact. One of our goals in taking care of seniors with […]


The Senior Holiday Blues: How to Help Them Overcome Sadness

Although this season is typically viewed as the season of joy, quite a few older adults experience the senior holiday blues. Longing for holidays past, grief over the loss of family and friends, and aging-related changes to health can intensify through the holiday season, and it’s crucial to take steps to help older loved ones […]


Holiday Celebrations with Seniors During COVID-19

Think about the most perfect holiday celebrations you can imagine. While that image will vary a little for each of us, it might include gifts, lights, good food, and traditions handed down through the generations. Yet what absolutely rings true for everyone is the joy in spending time with those we love. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 […]


Is It Senior Forgetfulness – or Dementia?

You entirely forgot about the doctor’s appointment scheduled for last Tuesday, misplaced your reading glasses for the umpteenth time, and can’t remember the name of the new neighbor for the life of you. Is all of this simply an ordinary part of growing older, or could it be the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease or another […]


Is Home Care Safe for Seniors Now And How Do I Choose a Home Care Provider?

Looking at the past several months, family caregivers have had to face seemingly insurmountable challenges connected with the care of the older adults they love. With COVID-19’s specific dangers to senior citizens and those with underlying health concerns, such as COPD, diabetes, and heart problems, as well as others that are common in older adults, […]


Help Seniors Regain Confidence After a Fall and Reduce Future Fall Risk

While comedians and circus clowns may stir audiences to laughter over such stunts as slipping on a banana peel, there’s nothing funny about falling, especially for older adults, who are at a heightened risk for serious injuries that could lead to a lengthy rehabilitation process. Not only that, but there’s a lesser known complication that […]


Ensuring Safety for Seniors: Is Now the Time to Schedule Elective Medical Procedures?

The COVID-19 pandemic put our society on pause, including, among various other activities, healthcare appointments and procedures. In fact, as many as 50% of all adults either canceled or delayed routine health care and elective procedures since the coronavirus crisis began, leading doctors to grow concerned about the effects. Yet safety for seniors remains the top […]