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Crafting Joyful Memories: Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Seniors

If you are looking for a great way to celebrate the life of somebody you love, nothing beats a birthday party! The key to planning a successful birthday party for an older family member is crafting ideas that are unique to the individual. Start by thinking through:


Strategies for Improving Senior Sleep

We have all been there: slowing down breathing, counting sheep, listening to white noise, all in an attempt to force our brains to shut down to allow us the sleep we desperately need. As we age, it can be even more difficult to get enough sleep. Older adults can experience changes in their sleep architecture, […]


A Compassionate Approach to Supporting Seniors Through Loss

By the time we reach our golden years, we’ve had many years of building deep connections with friends and family. These bonds are crucial to our quality of life, so when they are severed, it inevitably results in feelings of deep loss.


The Best Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

What were your thoughts when selecting the outfit you put on this morning? Style? Comfort? A certain memory attached to a piece of clothing? The clothes we wear are a fundamental part of our identity, and the simple act of choosing what to wear and being able to put it on is crucial to our […]


What to Do When a Senior Has an Eating Disorder

Shifts in eating habits and weight are common as people get older. Dental problems, medication side effects, less physical activity because of mobility issues, and other factors should be explored and either addressed or ruled out. But there’s another possible culprit which could surprise you: eating disorders in seniors. How Can I Know If a […]


Aging Care Conversation Starters for Senior Loved Ones

Perhaps you remember having “the talk” with your parents about those cringeworthy pre-teen topics. If you thought that was awkward, brace yourself for “the talk” with an older parent about concerns you’re noticing and the need for care in the home! This is often very difficult, for many reasons: Your parent may resent what appears […]


Get the Compassionate Home Care in Costa Mesa Seniors Need

At CareWorks Health Services, we work hard to build compassionate, genuine relationships with the people we care for, and we deliver services with respect and dignity in mind. These are just a few of the reasons why we’ve built such a strong reputation in Costa Mesa for stellar home care services that keep older adults […]


Bathing Guidelines for Seniors: Is a Daily Bath Really Necessary?

Sinking into a soothing, warm bubble bath at the end of a stress-filled day, and stepping into a hot, invigorating shower first thing in the morning are daily pleasures for many of us. However it is possible to have too much of a good thing when it comes to bathing guidelines for seniors. You might […]


How Caring Too Much May Be Harmful to a Caregiver’s Health

Empathy is, naturally, a vital characteristic of effective caregiving. The ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes allows you to better meet their needs. But there is one particular type of empathy you’ll want to understand and how it can be harmful to a caregiver’s health: emotional empathy. Emotional empathy takes caring to another level. […]


Getting Family to Agree About the Need for Senior Care

When you begin to detect the warning signs that care in the home is needed for someone you love, it is very common for the individual to resist the idea. After all, admitting the need for help isn’t easy, especially for a person who prizes their independence and privacy. Yet what do you do when […]


What is Ableism? Learn How to Recognize Prejudice Against Seniors with Disabilities

What’s your first thought when you see an individual in a wheelchair? Do you identify that person as less-than, someone in need of being fixed? Do you assume they need special treatment, as though a physical disability affects intelligence as well? How does your thinking shift to see someone standing upright, without the need for […]


Healthy Boundaries in the Client-Caregiver Relationship

The senior-caregiver bond is complex. On the one hand, as a paid service, it is a business transaction. On the other hand, it is highly personal, and it is only natural for a strong relational bond to develop between client and caregiver. It’s important for seniors and their families to understand how to strike the […]