Since 2010, we have been providing senior care and disabled adult services throughout Orange County, CA. Our founder experienced at a young age the difficulties and stresses of caring for a parent with more needs. It’s important to us to find the right caregiver to turn stressful time into family time. The company was created with a passionate desire to help keep your grandparent, friend, mother, father, and/or sibling in place. CareWorks is a LICENSED Home Care Organization for non-medical care. All our highly trained, bonded and insured caregivers go through a 10 hour specialized training annually for your peace of mind. We have specialized Dementia and Alzheimer’s courses provided by a nationally accredited continuing education academy to keep our caregivers proficient on their skills.

Our care coordinators are specially trained to create a customized care plan specific to your needs. We want you to experience compassionate care with a personal touch.


Our staff has personal experience in caring for an aging parent. We understand how important it is and are committed to finding the right caregiver so your loved can live a fulfilling life, safely and independently at home. 

We are also a proud member of the American Board of Home Care, whose mission is to promote uniform enforcement of Labor Board and Home Care Consumer Services Act, legal and ethical business practices and serve as a platform for unified action and the development of common, lawful standards in the home care industry.