Gift Ideas for Seniors

gift boxesIt is often difficult to know what would make a thoughtful gift for a senior who has everything.

Below are a few ideas to help provide some inspiration:
  • A “coupon” redeemable for running errands for them a few times a month for a year
  • A book of stamps and pre-addressed mailing labels to frequently mailed addresses
  • Tickets for 2 or a season pass to the theatre, a play, a movie, a concert or a museum (including transportation!)
  • Pre-paid cab or bus tickets for rides when they want them
  • Gift certificates to grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacy, manicurist or hair salon
  • A large print magazine subscription, large print books and/or books on tape
  • Offer yourself as a willing, cheerful helper for the day to do chores (change light bulbs, put batteries in smoke detectors, etc.)
  • Calendar with family birthdays marked; stamped and addressed cards with a wide selection and variety of cards
  • Arrange to take them to weekly religious activities
  • A gas card or prepaid phone calling card
  • Help with a special project (clean out the attic? organize the closets?)
  • Low vision products such as a large TV remote, magnifiers, large print calendars, large face playing cards or large button telephone
  • Arrange all their family photos into an album
  • Rake leaves, shovel snow or mow the lawn on regular basis
  • Wash the windows; get the house ready for winter
  • Gift certificate for monthly housecleaning or for other help in the home
  • Purchase and install devices or perform home modifications to help prevent falls or accidents such as hand rails, non-slip stair pads and automatic light sensors
  • Prepay utility bills (electric, cable, oil, telephone) for a set amount of time
  • Pay for membership for an emergency response system
  • Extra meals cooked and placed in individual freezable containers
  • Subscription to a local newspaper
  • Schedule, make and transport for a monthly lunch date
  • Offer frequent flyer miles to fly in a favorite grandchild or friend
  • Install devices to prevent crime or vandalism (deadbolts, door viewer, alarm system)
  • Arrange for energy saving improvements such as installing weather stripping, storm door, storm windows, etc.
  • Deliver a fresh basket of seasonal fruit in person once a month
  • Put together a basket of craft projects they can do with a grandchild or neighbor
  • Write a letter telling them how you feel about them and memories you have shared with them

The best gift of all for seniors is spending time with them. Be sure to take time out of a busy schedule to slow down and cherish conversation and activities with a loved senior. At CareWorks Health Services, we cherish each and every one of our senior clients, providing personal care, housekeeping, meals, companionship and more. Contact us today to learn more.

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