Technology for Seniors Makes it Easier to Age in Place

senior lady and caregiver looking at tablet

In-home care services and technology for seniors are a great combination that help older adults age in place.

“You are always free to choose what you do with your life. To make changes in your future, make new choices today.” – Brian Tracy

Choosing where to reside in our older years is not straight forward. Nearly all older adults choose to remain at home for a lifetime, but it is not without challenges. Can it be safe? How about mobility issues or any other physical limitations? What if a senior falls and is unable get up?

Fortunately, there are a number of solutions which make aging in place feasible for seniors. Technology, for example, is continually developing and evolving, providing answers to the challenges which could arise as we grow older. Just look at some of the technology for seniors and how it is enhancing life at home for older adults!

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring connects patients with their doctors in ground breaking ways: wearable devices to track vital signs, smart pill bottles with sensors, bio-ingestible capsules seniors can swallow, even electronic tattoos that will assess the progression of pneumonia. It’s a step beyond telehealth appointments, delivering more comprehensive information on a patient’s health condition than can be detected via a video conference.

Home Safety

Smart devices provide peace of mind to a senior living alone – and to the members of the family who care about them. Seniors can choose from individual products that meet a certain need, such as a smart doorbell, door lock, or fire alarm, or entire smart security packages with all of these features and much more.

Additionally, a smart speaker system such as Amazon Echo or Google Nest Audio works by voice command, a vital component to a home technology system. The senior can simply say what they need, such as calling for assistance, and technology takes care of it.

Whole Home Automation

For those who prefer to jump into technology with both feet, a central control system will allow for a variety of functions to be executed at the touch of a tablet or smartphone, for example, lights, security cameras, sensors, window shades, thermostat, music, Wi-Fi, and more.

Michael Miller, author of My Smart Home for Seniors, sums up the advantages of technology for seniors: “Technology helps all homeowners, but especially seniors, by automating things that are a pain or difficult to do.”

Of course, a human touch is always essential for independent and safe living at home, regardless of how many tech tools we utilize! Connect with CareWorks Health Services, the experts in home health care in Orange County, at (949) 859-4700 for personalized in-home care support that helps seniors live life to the fullest.