Exciting Potential for Alzheimer’s Patients to Regain Lost Memory

Orange County Alzheimers CareHave you ever spent time in the company of someone battling Alzheimer’s disease? If so, you’ve likely discovered how difficult it can be to carry on a meaningful discussion of past events. Imagine how frustrating it is to have accumulated a lifetime of memories, only to realize they’re slowly slipping away, as Alzheimer’s is known for its ability to steal away those memories. And it’s long been assumed that once those memories are gone, they’re irrecoverable.

However, a new study points to a promising alternative: perhaps those memories haven’t been destroyed by the disease after all, and are, in fact, recoverable. Research performed on mice lends strong support to this theory, as those genetically altered to mimic Alzheimer’s appeared to regain memory when brain cells were stimulated with a special blue light.

Although quite a bit of work remains before this treatment can be safely translated into a human procedure, “The potential to rescue long-term memory in dementia is exciting,” according to Prerana Shrestha and Eric Klann of the Center for Neural Science at New York University.

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