How Elephants Are Helping Alzheimer’s Disease

Sad elephant sitting on a bench on the glade

Can we learn something about Alzheimer’s from an elephant? Learn more in this article.

The old adage, “An elephant never forgets,” is true: elephants really do have incredible memories, even into their old age. For example, they can recall and go back to very specific places decades after visiting them, irrespective of age. So what can we glean from elephants which may result in increasing our own brain performance in aging?

Surprisingly, senior elephants’ brains show no buildup of the amyloid plaques some scientists are linking to Alzheimer’s disease. And though other specialists tout the need for sufficient sleep to allow the brain the opportunity to clear away plaques, elephants are tromping over that hypothesis, sleeping less than 2 hours each day.

But a single variable rises above the rest that could be the key: socialization. Studies increasingly suggest the link between isolation and cognitive decline, and also the benefit of sustaining reliable social connections. Elephants stay socially involved with close family herds for life, whereas our human busyness oftentimes prevents the type of meaningful, sustained interactions we so desperately need.

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