Taking Care of Someone With Dementia? These Resolutions Are for You.


These resolutions are designed to help family caregivers who are taking care of someone with dementia.

People around you may be resolving to lose ten pounds, exercise more, and eat healthier, but as a family caregiver taking care of someone with dementia, just getting through the day can be challenging enough. The very thought of working to improve upon any part of your life in this unsettling time can be overwhelming.

At CareWorks Health Services, we want to offer you some encouragement. We understand the work you are doing is often both frustrating and rewarding, and we are here to support you in any way we can. To start, we have gathered some resolutions exclusively for dementia caregivers that can actually help make your journey a little bit easier.

What Resolutions Are Good for a Dementia Caregiver?

Take a deep breath and a few moments to consider the following:

  • Put aside time for self-care. We understand; this can be easier said than done. But taking time for yourself is vital to both your wellbeing and that of the person you’re taking care of. It does not have to be anything complicated or extensive, unless you would like it to be. Simply carving out a couple of hours once per week for an activity you enjoy can supply the rejuvenation you need. A dependable friend or family member can fill in while you’re away, or contact CareWorks Health Services for a skilled, experienced caregiver to assist.
  • Forgive yourself. Accept that you are human, and there will be times that you wish you had handled a situation in another way. Determine that this will be the year that you completely let go of any guilt. Instead, remind yourself that you are doing the very best you can to make life better for the person you love.
  • Remind yourself that you know what is most beneficial. Family caregivers may find themselves in the middle of well-intentioned people who want to offer advice. While their ideas may work well for others, they may not be applicable in your situation. Listen respectfully to any recommendations offered and thank the individual for the idea, but then ultimately trust your judgment in making the most effective care decisions for your circumstances.

For a reliable partner in dementia care to help as you are taking care of someone with dementia, or for some further helpful resources, contact CareWorks Health Services any time. We’ll be happy to visit with you in your home at no charge to talk about the challenges you’re facing and to offer creative approaches to help, including:

  • Planning and preparing meals in accordance with individual preferences
  • Transportation and accompaniment to appointments and outings
  • Support as needed with personal hygiene tasks while fostering independence
  • Help with wandering, agitation, aggression, repetitive behaviors, sundowning, and much more
  • Providing engaging activities and conversations to help keep both mind and body active
  • And so much more

Give us a call at (949) 859-4700 to find out more about our home care in Huntington Beach and the surrounding communities.