Try These Timesaving Tips for Caregivers and Cut Back on Stress

Timesaving Tips“If only there were a few more hours in the day!” If you are in the “sandwich generation”, most likely you can relate to this sentiment, as you are constantly juggling the needs of your children and the needs of your aging parents. The following timesaving tips, however, may help to shave just a few minutes off your to-do lists.

  • Strategically plan tasks. Create a plan for regular tasks to maximize efficiency. For example, map out errands to plan necessary stops in the most efficient way, and combine tasks such as laundry and shopping for groceries for your older loved one with your own.
  • Keep the car stocked. Put a container of useful items in the trunk to have on hand at all times: comfortable walking footwear, a fleece or sweater, toiletries, healthy snacks with a long shelf life – all that you feel might be convenient for the particular situations you could find yourself in on any given day.
  • Skip urgent care facilities. Urgent care visits could lead to numerous hours of time lost spent in the waiting room. Try getting in touch with the doctor instead to get a same-day appointment, particularly mid-morning, when the day’s cancelled appointments have yet to be filled.
  • Keep all of the paperwork organized. Use a brightly colored, easily identifiable folder to keep all important paperwork in. This will come in handy in the event of an emergency. Documents in the folder should include: medical insurance information, list of medications, emergency contacts, advance directive, health care proxy, and power of attorney.
  • Try to maintain a positive outlook. Having a few peaceful moments the first thing in the morning to reflect on the things you’re thankful for can go a considerable way towards alleviating stress and setting the stage for a more productive and positive day. Repeat as time permits during the course of the day, especially when feelings are running high.

The most beneficial tip we can propose is partnering with a professional in-home care agency, like CareWorks Health Services of California. We can assist in more ways than you might realize, including running errands, grocery shopping and meal preparation, light housekeeping, and more, in addition to hands-on personalized care and companionship. Contact us at 949-859-4700 and rediscover a stress-free life for both yourself and your senior loved one!