What to Do When Your Aging Parent Doesn’t Want to See the Doctor

Doctor With A Tablet Computer

Seniors may be resistant to medical care as they age. Learn how to encourage an aging parent to seek help for health issues.

Let’s face it: lots of us put off visiting the doctor’s office. It may be awkward and downright frightening when something is wrong and we are facing the chance of an undesirable diagnosis. Even so, we understand that it’s sensible to do what is most beneficial for our overall health and be diligent about obtaining essential health care.

For older adults, many different additional issues enter into play as well, typically leading to the decision to forego that check-up or follow-up appointment, even if it’s clearly not in their very best interest. When a senior loved one digs in her heels, refusing to visit the doctor, it is beneficial to first realize why the resistance is occurring, to tackle those concerns, and after that to figure out how best to provide encouragement to see the doctor.

One of the most significant reasons seniors shun healthcare appointments and procedures is fear. It may seem safer and easier just to dismiss symptoms and hope they will fix themselves. For other people, the concern could be financial. Or they could desire to steer clear of the awkwardness of being reminded of a weight problem, or to acknowledge living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Regardless of the reason, the bottom line is that it is crucial for seniors to take care of their own health, which calls for routine medical checkups and staying proactive in bringing to light any questions. So as an adult child, how can you best help alleviate your parent’s oppositions to seeing the physician?

At CareWorks Health Services, we have found that the most effective way to encourage older adults to take care of themselves is through their adult children sharing what it means to them. Our parents have cared for us all of our lives, and would like what is most beneficial for us. Discussing your point of view can significantly help towards convincing them of the need and subsequently helping them to remain healthy. For instance, try initiating the discussion along these lines:

“Mom, the pain you’ve been experiencing in your wrist is truly concerning me. Can we go to have that examined so that I am able to stop worrying?”

You could be surprised at how quickly your aging parent will agree, realizing that it can help you. In the event that you continue to struggle with assisting your family member to be aware of the need for proper health care, turn to CareWorks Health Services.providers of top-rated home health care in Mission Viejo, CA and the surrounding communities. We’re experienced in assisting families with navigating the frequently difficult transition to accept help in the home, and quite often the recommendation of a professional, unbiased third party can make a world of difference in alleviating concerns and shifting the focus to the many benefits of in-home care. Call us now at (949) 859-4700 or contact us online to learn more about  the home health care Mission Viejo, CA families trust.