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Strategies for Improving Senior Sleep

We have all been there: slowing down breathing, counting sheep, listening to white noise, all in an attempt to force our brains to shut down to allow us the sleep we desperately need. As we age, it can be even more difficult to get enough sleep. Older adults can experience changes in their sleep architecture, […]


Alzheimer’s Sleep Problems and How to Help

If it looks like a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s has entirely rewritten the rules on how and when to sleep, you are not dreaming. For reasons that are not yet fully understood, Alzheimer’s sleep issues are not uncommon and arise from changes to an individual’s circadian rhythm, resulting in sleepless nights and drowsy days.  […]


Caution: Sleeping Pills May Be Dangerous to Senior Health

Could there be anything better than getting up well rested after a good night’s sleep, completely energized and able to face the day? For some older adults – as much as a third of them – getting sufficient sleep only occurs inside their dreams. And unfortunately, it’s a common assumption that poor sleep is merely […]


Are Sundowning Symptoms Disrupting Sleep? Try These Tips.

Those caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease know that as the day winds down, the stressors can ramp up. Sundowning, a common experience in dementia in which seniors become agitated, fearful, and restless during the evening hours, is exhausting for all involved. Aggravations escalate as members of the family try to keep the […]


Knowing When to Take the Step Toward 24-Hour Dementia Care

Taking good care of a family member with dementia requires ongoing adaptation to the individual’s changing needs. As the disease advances, there comes a point when 24-hour dementia care becomes not just beneficial but necessary for ensuring the safety, well-being, and good quality of life for the person.


A Compassionate Approach to Supporting Seniors Through Loss

By the time we reach our golden years, we’ve had many years of building deep connections with friends and family. These bonds are crucial to our quality of life, so when they are severed, it inevitably results in feelings of deep loss.


Enhancing Dementia Care Through Culinary Activities

There’s something so special about the kitchen. It is the very first stop kids make once they get home from school, in search of a snack as well as the chance to share the events of their day. It’s the spot family members gather to cook holiday meals together. It’s also a place to warm […]


Maintaining Life Balance with Hospital-at-Home Care

No one wants to spend any longer than necessary in the hospital. The goal is to get the necessary treatment or procedure over with as soon as possible and move on to recovering. Unsurprisingly, the growing trend in hospital-at-home care services is one being met with open arms. Imagine being able to avoid: The bright lights, […]


24-Hour Care vs. Live-In Care: Which One Is Best for You?

What Is Live-In Care? The live-in care model entails having a caregiver present in the home at all times. However, that caregiver is not necessarily actively providing care around the clock. They are present at night, but the purpose of the caregiver being there is so that they are available for any emergencies that occur […]


Why Are Your Loved Ones Dementia Symptoms Suddenly Getting Worse?

Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was an Alzheimer’s care manual, with step-by-step details on what to anticipate at each stage of the disease? While there are some general commonalities in the progression of dementia, each person’s experience is different. This makes it difficult to know what to anticipate on any given day. Despite the […]


Tips for Easing Restlessness in Dementia

Pacing. Fidgeting. Wandering. When you begin to notice these clues in a person with dementia, it is time to take action before they intensify to agitation, aggression, or leaving the house. But figuring out why the individual is feeling restless is sometimes half the battle. To begin with, ask yourself the following questions when observing restlessness […]