Inventive Orange County Senior Care: Transforming Everyday Items into Useful Tools for Seniors

Orange County Senior CareThose who’ve ever invested some time with young children understand precisely what a treasure chest of creativity results from a basket loaded with an assortment of odds and ends. Popsicle sticks, buttons, clothes pins, and paper clips can be transformed from their standard routine uses into princesses, mythical beasts, race cars, or a group of teddy bears – the options are limitless!

CareWorks, providing Orange County senior care, believes that simply because we grow older doesn’t mean we must lose the inventive ability to convert everyday items into something fresh! In fact, these kinds of creative ideas take everyday things and convert all of them into beneficial tools for older adults!

  • Place a bar of soap within an old stocking and hang from the shower, to help keep the soap from falling down into the tub and creating a potential fall. And, washing with the stocking-wrapped soap provides the added benefit of exfoliation.
  • Wrap rubber bands around mugs in order to improve gripping ability.
  • Secure a straw to a drinking cup with a conventional wooden spring-operated clothespin.
  • Use a drop of nail polish on phone keys that tend to be used most often, such as the “answer” button.

Though high-tech products are exciting, studies show that the vast majority of mature adults are hesitant to find out how to make use of them, choosing instead to utilize things with which they’re presently comfortable. At CareWorks Health Services, our Orange County senior care experts can help senior loved ones find the “life hacks” and care services they need to make daily living easier and more comfortable.

Want to learn more simple methods to help seniors improve their own quality of life? Give us a call to learn more about our senior care services for families in Laguna Hills and throughout Orange County.