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It’s True! A Good Diet Gives You a Better Brain!

The remarkable results of a recent AARP study are in: people who maintain a healthy diet plan are twice as apt to consider their mental acuity to be very good or excellent in comparison to people who rarely eat well. In particular, a diet high in fish, vegetables and fruits equated to higher brain health. […]


Top Tips for Visiting with a Senior Who Has Alzheimer’s Disease

It can be a little intimidating to know exactly what to talk about and just how to act when spending time with someone you care about who has Alzheimer’s disease. And, sadly, due to a number of inherent elements of Alzheimer’s, sometimes family and friends feel so uncomfortable they avoid visiting the person anymore. Understanding […]


Sibling Rivalry Over Aging Parents: Finding a Fair Caregiving Balance

Do you recall how difficult it could be as a child to learn the concept of sharing with your sisters and brothers? Despite the fact that the incredible importance of taking into consideration other people’s feelings, as well as being fair, was impressed upon us from a young age, it may still be a hurdle […]


How to Work with Your Health Care Provider for Person-Centered Care.

In an ideal world, medical care would focus on you and your own preferences, adhering to your particular needs and wishes – fitting within your schedule and routine, unhindered by issues such as an unwavering health care provider who views healthcare options in black and white. The truth is far from perfect though, and quite […]


Senior Travel Tips from CareWorks Health Services, California

Everyone looks forward to summer vacations! Leaving everyday worries behind, checking items off our bucket list, exploring new places. And experiencing the thrills with a senior loved one by your side makes it even better. There will be, however, certain considerations to keep in mind when traveling with an older loved one. These senior travel […]


The Latest Sandwich Generation Transformation: The Boomerangs

We’re living longer than ever before, thanks to incredible advances in science and medicine, and as a result, the sandwich generation (those caring for children and parents simultaneously) are finding a new niche as they age: the boomerang generation. “Aging together” is the caption for older adults whose mother and father are still living and […]


There Actually Is an Upside to Dementia

Introduce the topic of “dementia” at your next summer party and you’ll find the mood quickly turns from happy to heavy-hearted. We’ve long been told (and perhaps witnessed firsthand) all of the negative connotations and associations that go along with the disease. And since there is still not a cure, it’s only natural that a […]


How to Overcome These Hurdles and Meet Senior Dietary Needs

With all the hustle and bustle of life, how often do we grab a cup of coffee and a donut on our rush to work, stopping for take out on the way home to avoid the need to cook? Younger adults with a high metabolism, optimum muscle strength, and less chronic health issues can get […]


Help for Those Providing Dementia Care

If only providing dementia care for a loved came with a handbook, rather than the trial-and-error-and-trial-again method so many of us are faced with. The different phases of the disease that have to be worked through make it even more complex; the moment we begin to feel moderately adept at handling one phase, we’re on […]


Shedding New Light on Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

Research scientists are shedding new light on treatments to potentially impact Alzheimer’s disease: light therapy. Effects of light are only just starting to be tapped into, and already are showing some notable and promising results. For instance, MIT analysts are assessing a form of flickering light therapy, in which the visual cortex of mice is […]