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Simple, Effective Strategies You Can Try Today to Reduce Memory Decline

Remember learning the order of the colors of the rainbow in elementary school? A number of us were introduced to Roy G. Biv to master this feat – among the many mnemonics we learn that, surprisingly, often stay with us for a lifetime. As we age, some degree of memory decline is to be anticipated; […]


Researchers Look to Uncover the Link Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

Are you finding the need to turn the TV up louder for a senior you love? Talking more loudly? Repeating conversations the senior loved one missed hearing the first time? Hearing loss in seniors is not uncommon. But recent studies are pointing to a startling connection between hearing loss and dementia. How Hearing and Cognitive […]


Is an Older Adult You Love Overmedicated?

The days of “take two aspirin and call me in the morning” have morphed into “take two of these…and two of these…and maybe one of those, too!” Nearly forty percent of older adults are taking at least five different prescription medications every day – not to mention vitamins, supplements, and OTC meds. Because of this, […]


What Is Chemo Brain Fog and How Can You Reduce Its Effects?

Confusion. Short-term memory problems. Inability to focus. Could it be Alzheimer’s? Possibly; however if you are a cancer survivor, there is another likely culprit that may be at play: chemotherapy. Referred to as chemotherapy induced cognitive impairment (CICI) or “chemo brain,” effects such as these can continue for months or even years post-treatment. Chemo brain […]


What to Know If Applying for Guardianship of an Elderly Parent

In an ideal world, our family interactions would all be positive and helpful. We would handle transitional times cooperatively, smoothly, and with virtually no disagreement. As our parents grew older, it would be a simple process to satisfy their needs today and their needs in the future. The reality, however, is that being an adult […]


Is It Possible to Live Alone with Dementia?

There has long been an assumption that when someone received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another form of progressive dementia, the only real option was nursing home care. After all, it’s unrealistic for someone to live alone with dementia and continue to reside at home – or is it? Data demands the necessity for […]


Six Steps to Boost Senior Wellness All Year Long

Many people have cast aside their New Year’s resolutions by the end of January, but who says resolutions should only be made at the start of the year? There’s no time like the present to commit to a new habit or goal, particularly when it pertains to senior wellness.  We’ve got six tips you can […]


A New Alzheimer’s Treatment Option Holds Promise in Clinical Trials

If 2021 will be remembered as the year for COVID-19 vaccines, perhaps 2022 will be marked with a different version of a life-changing Alzheimer’s treatment option: a vaccine that may actually prevent or slow the further advancement of Alzheimer’s disease.  The very first human trial of Protollin, delivered through nasal spray, is underway in 16 […]


Virtual Reality Opens a New Frontier in Reaching Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Imagine for a minute how it would feel to struggle with the cognitive obstacles of dementia. The people who are closest to you are now unfamiliar. The words and phrases that would roll off your tongue without an additional thought are now just out of reach. In fact, the whole world as you once knew […]


Effects from These Common Medications Can Mimic Dementia

Confusion. Disorientation. Memory loss. While these are certainly hallmark symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease along with other types of dementia, there are side effects from some commonly prescribed medications can mimic dementia. Before immediately assuming an inevitable diagnosis of dementia, examine the following list of prescribed medicines that can cause similar adverse effects. Common Medications That Can […]


The Benefits of Setting a Daily Routine for Seniors

Life, especially but not exclusively during the course of the pandemic, can be full of uncertainty. For seniors who are feeling less in control of certain areas of life, such as losing cognitive or physical functioning, focusing on exactly what can be controlled is empowering. An excellent place to begin is by setting a daily […]


Respite Care Exercise Routines Can Help Seniors’ Strength Post-Pandemic

While we are finally working our way toward the end of the pandemic, we’re finding out more about how it has harmed older adults – both physically and emotionally. We realize seniors have been at a greater risk of serious complications and death from the COVID-19 virus, and the impact of 15 months of physical […]