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5 Easy Steps for Caregivers to Host Successful Family Meetings

“It takes a village” was never a truer statement than when applied to being a caregiver for an adult loved one. And, it’s necessary for that “village” to keep up successful, ongoing communication in order to provide the best care, making certain that all participants are on the same page. It’s also crucial for family […]


Healthy Boundaries in the Client-Caregiver Relationship

The senior-caregiver bond is complex. On the one hand, as a paid service, it is a business transaction. On the other hand, it is highly personal, and it is only natural for a strong relational bond to develop between client and caregiver. It’s important for seniors and their families to understand how to strike the […]


Tips for Overcoming Caregiver Isolation

Who would imagine that spending a great deal of time taking care of another person could also make you feel incredibly alone? The hard facts are that caregiving can be incredibly isolating for a number of reasons: Mental or physical exhaustion: you’re simply too depleted to want to socialize Guilt over enjoying time apart from […]


Top Time Management Tips for Caregivers

If today’s to-dos look like a lot more than you can possibly squeeze into 24 short hours, you’re not alone! Family caregivers are frequently inundated with daily care tasks: Housework and laundry. Personal care and hygiene. Planning activities that are purposeful and enjoyable for the senior. Planning and preparing meals. Shopping and other errands. Medical […]


Alzheimer’s and Sexual Behavior: Appropriate Caregiver Responses to Inappropriate Behavior

Alzheimer’s disease transforms a person’s behavior and personality. As the disease progresses, people with Alzheimer’s increasingly communicate through behavior instead of speech and their inhibitions can become reduced. In some cases, it can even bring about inappropriate sexual behaviors such as: Making sexual advances to others Undressing or touching themselves in public Using vulgar or […]


I’m a Caregiver Experiencing Stress. Should I Be Worried About Caregiver Dread?

What are your very first thoughts as soon as you wake up in the morning? Are you looking forward to what the day will bring, or would you like to crawl back beneath the covers and remain there? If you are experiencing more dread than delight as you consider your caregiving responsibilities for the day, […]


How the Pandemic Changed Work-Life Balance for Caregivers of Older Adults

If there is one particular positive after-effect regarding the pandemic, it is the awareness generated for the plight of family caregivers. Managing work and home life has always been an incredible challenge for caregivers of older adults. As Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, CEO of Wellthy, explains, “Caregiving went from a silent struggle to being in the spotlight […]


Caring for Senior Parents SOS: Family Counseling

There are particular milestones we might encounter in our lives that, though not necessarily negative, are known stressors. Losing a job. Starting a brand-new job. Getting married. Getting divorced. And one that we in the home care industry are especially mindful of: the physical and mental effect on family members who are caring for aging […]


Dementia Caregiver Tip: How to Respond When You’re Falsely Accused

It can come seemingly out of nowhere: you place your loved one’s favorite tuna sandwich in front of her – light on the mayo, no onions – something that usually brings her pleasure. But today, she pushes the plate away and refuses to take a bite, insisting that you’ve poisoned the food. Or, you’ve provided […]


3 Strategies for Dealing with Caregiver Stress

Stress is bound to happen, and actually, it’s not necessarily a negative thing. After all, as the saying goes, “A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well.” All the same, especially for family caregivers, the level of stress can very quickly escalate and start to become frustrating, and if not […]


Elder Home Care Tips: How to Overcome 5 Common Negative Emotions Caregivers Face

If you’re feeling somewhat discouraged in your role as a family member providing care to aging parents, take heart; you are in good company. Providing elder home care is one of the most complex roles we can fill: highly worthwhile on the one hand, while simultaneously frustrating and ever-evolving, regularly leading to feelings of uncertainty […]


Meaningful Resolutions To Help Prevent Caregiver Burnout

If you are one of the eight percent of Americans who actually achieve their New Year’s resolution goals, well done! But if you’re like most of us, you have given up well before even turning the calendar page to February. Although without a doubt it’s commendable to strive to improve ourselves by resolving to get […]