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Get the Scoop on the Alzheimer’s Clinical Trials that Are Showing the Most Promise

Currently about 10% of the over-65 population, around 5.7 million seniors, are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease—and that number is anticipated to escalate to as many as 14 million by the year 2050. The race is on as researchers scramble to find a remedy or at the very least a successful treatment option. And besides the […]


Top Tips for Visiting with a Senior Who Has Alzheimer’s Disease

It can be a little intimidating to know exactly what to talk about and just how to act when spending time with someone you care about who has Alzheimer’s disease. And, sadly, due to a number of inherent elements of Alzheimer’s, sometimes family and friends feel so uncomfortable they avoid visiting the person anymore. Understanding […]


A Lesser Known Effect of Dementia: Anosognosia

“Why would you think I have Alzheimer’s? There’s nothing wrong with me!” If you’ve listened to a friend or family member with dementia frustratingly voice this or maybe a matching sentiment, it’s possible you have assumed the person was simply in denial and unwilling to accept a tough diagnosis. The simple truth is, however, that […]


Dementia Care Tips: How to Respond When a Senior Wants to Go “Home”

“Home sweet home” as the saying goes; but if you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s who insists home is somewhere other than where he or she is currently living, what do you do? Unfortunately, when caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, this is an all too common […]


Are Sundowning Symptoms Disrupting Sleep? Try These Tips.

Those caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease know that as the day winds down, the stressors can ramp up. Sundowning, a common experience in dementia in which seniors become agitated, fearful, and restless during the evening hours, is exhausting for all involved. Aggravations escalate as members of the family try to keep the […]


Shedding New Light on Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

Research scientists are shedding new light on treatments to potentially impact Alzheimer’s disease: light therapy. Effects of light are only just starting to be tapped into, and already are showing some notable and promising results. For instance, MIT analysts are assessing a form of flickering light therapy, in which the visual cortex of mice is […]


Breaking News in Alzheimer’s Care: Promising Medication in Final Phase of Human Trials

In the last several years, it seems a new drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease pops up in the news every week, and we’re always happy to share the latest developments, but never before has a drug’s test results looked quite as encouraging as the latest: aducanumab. In the initial medical tests, researchers witnessed a substantial […]


Solving the Alzheimer’s Riddle: Why We’ve Never Been Closer

With the expected rise in patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, we now have over $900 million in funding available for research, but is all of that research actually helping us come closer to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s? As those with loved ones impacted by the disease watch and wait with bated breath, a variety of […]