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Research on the Progression of Alzheimer’s Finds 4 Variants of the Disease

For many years, experts examined the progression of Alzheimer’s through one particular basic model, despite the fact that the symptoms and development of Alzheimer’s can vary from person to person. Now, however, a new, collaborative study between the United States, Sweden, Canada, and Korea is discovering some fascinating data to help us better understand and […]


How to Respond Safely to Dementia Aggression Using the 6 R’s

Of the many challenging behaviors common in Alzheimer’s, dementia aggression is probably the most difficult to manage. A senior loved one who has always been mild-mannered can abruptly lash out in outbursts that are truly intimidating: hitting, cursing, kicking, yelling, biting, or throwing objects. How can you, as a family caregiver, safely help restore a feeling […]


Alzheimer’s Sleep Problems and How to Help

If it looks like a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s has entirely rewritten the rules on how and when to sleep, you are not dreaming. For reasons that are not yet fully understood, Alzheimer’s sleep issues are not uncommon and arise from changes to an individual’s circadian rhythm, resulting in sleepless nights and drowsy days.  […]


Alzheimer’s and Sexual Behavior: Appropriate Caregiver Responses to Inappropriate Behavior

Alzheimer’s disease transforms a person’s behavior and personality. As the disease progresses, people with Alzheimer’s increasingly communicate through behavior instead of speech and their inhibitions can become reduced. In some cases, it can even bring about inappropriate sexual behaviors such as: Making sexual advances to others Undressing or touching themselves in public Using vulgar or […]


How to Discuss a Potential Dementia Diagnosis with a Doctor

Shame. Embarrassment. Fear. The feelings surrounding a potential dementia diagnosis may cause older adults to keep their suspicions to themselves. A newly released AARP survey peeled away a few of the layers of emotion to get to the reason – namely, worry over losing independence and becoming a concern to others. While there is some […]


What Does It Mean when Lucidity Returns at the End Stages of Dementia?

Even as confusion and memory loss escalate throughout the end stages of dementia, there’s an interesting and welcome reprieve that frequently occurs. Formerly coined “terminal lucidity,” it’s more frequently now known as “paradoxical lucidity.” It signifies a sudden, short-term regaining of clarity to a nearly pre-dementia frame of mind. During this period, the effects can […]


Latest News on Alzheimer’s Research: Milestones Reached This Past Year

With so much negative news in the forefront of 2020, it is worth reflecting on several of the remarkable achievements the year brought – such as the latest news on Alzheimer’s research. Katie McDonough, director of programs and services for the Alzheimer’s Association, shares, “There are many things that we’re learning and it’s an exciting […]