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Research on the Progression of Alzheimer’s Finds 4 Variants of the Disease

For many years, experts examined the progression of Alzheimer’s through one particular basic model, despite the fact that the symptoms and development of Alzheimer’s can vary from person to person. Now, however, a new, collaborative study between the United States, Sweden, Canada, and Korea is discovering some fascinating data to help us better understand and […]


When Is a Lie Okay When Dealing with Alzheimer’s?

At an early age, we learn the story of George Washington’s mishap with the cherry tree and his bold admittance to his parents, “I cannot tell a lie; I chopped down the cherry tree!” Honesty is embedded in our character, and even telling a small white lie can wrack us with guilt. But could it […]


What is Ableism? Learn How to Recognize Prejudice Against Seniors with Disabilities

What’s your first thought when you see an individual in a wheelchair? Do you identify that person as less-than, someone in need of being fixed? Do you assume they need special treatment, as though a physical disability affects intelligence as well? How does your thinking shift to see someone standing upright, without the need for […]


Tips for Easing Restlessness in Dementia

Pacing. Fidgeting. Wandering. When you begin to notice these clues in a person with dementia, it is time to take action before they intensify to agitation, aggression, or leaving the house. But figuring out why the individual is feeling restless is sometimes half the battle. To begin with, ask yourself the following questions when observing restlessness […]


Dementia Care: Using Food to Engage and Connect

If there is one thing that connects all of us, it’s food! Think about how many precious memories have been made through the years that included food at the center of them all: wedding celebrations, holiday meals, birthday parties. Even ordinary days involve routines that become ingrained in us around food, from that first aromatic […]


Simple, Effective Strategies You Can Try Today to Reduce Memory Decline

Remember learning the order of the colors of the rainbow in elementary school? A number of us were introduced to Roy G. Biv to master this feat – among the many mnemonics we learn that, surprisingly, often stay with us for a lifetime. As we age, some degree of memory decline is to be anticipated; […]


Top Excuses Alzheimer’s Caregivers Often Make

“You can make it, but it’s easier if you don’t have to do it alone.” – Betty Ford We all realize that no single person is an island, something which particularly rings true when caring for someone with dementia. Nonetheless many Alzheimer’s caregivers falter with regards to accepting or asking for the help they need. […]


Top Tips to Help Family Caregivers Be Better Senior Advocates

Trusting someone you love into the care of somebody else is never easy, particularly for a senior member of the family. Whether at home or in a care facility, you’ll have questions you need answered. You’ll also want to be ready to advocate for the senior to proactively address any potential problems and also to […]


Instill Joy and Spark Memories with Reminiscence Therapy for Dementia

Memory loss and Alzheimer’s may seem synonymous. Yet it is crucial to realize that long-term memory frequently remains intact long into the progression of the disease. For this reason, tapping into those distant memories is an ideal strategy to help an older adult with dementia stay engaged in current conversations by connecting to the past. […]


Is It Possible to Live Alone with Dementia?

There has long been an assumption that when someone received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another form of progressive dementia, the only real option was nursing home care. After all, it’s unrealistic for someone to live alone with dementia and continue to reside at home – or is it? Data demands the necessity for […]


Virtual Reality Opens a New Frontier in Reaching Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Imagine for a minute how it would feel to struggle with the cognitive obstacles of dementia. The people who are closest to you are now unfamiliar. The words and phrases that would roll off your tongue without an additional thought are now just out of reach. In fact, the whole world as you once knew […]