Insomnia and Dementia
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New Study May Show Direct Link Between Insomnia and Dementia

Whether it is worry, stress or an overactive mind, many seniors have trouble falling and staying soundly asleep. Besides feeling a little foggy the next morning, however, and feeling the need for a mid-day nap to catch up on lost sleep, the…
Caring for Elderly Parents
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Caring for Elderly Parents the Right Way – Playing Offense vs. Defense

Feeling safe, protected and cared for is so wonderful. Fathers and mothers thrive on making sure their kids are surrounded within the comfort of recognizing their needs will be fulfilled, offering the safety net that allows them the self-confidence…
medicare coverage
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How Can Seniors Get the Medicare Coverage They Need?

CareWorks Health Services in California understands that Medicare coverage of medicines for seniors is often crucial, especially because on average, older adults take a shocking 15-18 prescription medications. And with the standard price tag…
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How Investing Just 45 Minutes Each Week Can Improve Arthritis

When it comes to exercise and staying active to maintain optimum health, seniors are no exception! However, if you are one of the many older adults battling the pain of arthritis, keeping up with your physical fitness requirements can be difficult. Thankfully,…
Parkinson’s Disease
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Discover How This Cancer Treatment Is Showing New Promise in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

What if there was a medication that could treat not just one, but three devastating diseases: leukemia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease? Hoping that the drug, nilotinib fits the bill, researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center…
Electrode Implants May Now Be an Effective Stroke Treatment Option
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Electrode Implants May Now Be an Effective Stroke Treatment Option

For the first time ever, a treatment option that’s become increasingly popular in Parkinson’s patients - deep-brain stimulation - is being tested as a potential stroke treatment. Involving the implantation of an electrode that stimulates…
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Pain Management in the Elderly and the Dangers of Addiction

Is it possible you may have a preconceived notion of certain stereotypical groups of people? For instance, when you hear the words "drug addict", what immediately comes to mind? A young adult struggling to make it through daily living without…
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Are Sundowning Symptoms Disrupting Sleep? Try These Tips.

Those caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease know that as the day winds down, the stressors can ramp up. Sundowning, a common experience in dementia in which seniors become agitated, fearful, and restless during the evening hours,…
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Try These Timesaving Tips for Caregivers and Cut Back on Stress

"If only there were a few more hours in the day!" If you are in the "sandwich generation", most likely you can relate to this sentiment, as you are constantly juggling the needs of your children and the needs of your aging parents. The following…
Taking Care of Parents
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Taking Care of Parents? These Tips Can Help!

Since your mother gave up her car keys and is having difficulties moving around on her own, you and your siblings have made the decision to share the task of providing for her care needs. Someone has to take her to the doctor's office, grocery…