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To Overcome the Combination of Incontinence with Dementia, Use These Tips

Dementia care calls for both empathy and creativity to manage a variety of complex behaviors and effects, which is especially true when dealing with incontinence, something that is exceedingly common in Alzheimer’s as well as other types of dementia. Below are tried-and-true strategies that are usually effective in minimizing the impact of incontinence and preventing […]


5 Easy Tips for Minimizing Agitation Caused by Dementia

Agitation is one of the more difficult challenges of dementia, and can be incredibly complex for family members to manage. It is important to take steps to deal with agitation before it’s felt and expressed by the senior loved one, which involves monitoring what has caused these feelings in the past, and creating a home […]


Dementia Care Tips – Laughter May Work Better Than Traditional Medicines

Caring for someone you love with dementia is definitely not something to laugh about. However, scientific studies are increasingly pointing towards the benefits associated with humor, and mixing laughter and dementia care could possibly be exactly what the doctor ordered to improve quality of life for a loved one. As an example, an Australian study […]


Nonverbal Communication Strategies Are Useful for Seniors with Dementia

Conversations with a cherished older adult who is struggling with dementia, particularly in the middle and later stages, is often frustrating – both for you personally and also for your loved one. Brain changes affect the ability to hear, process, and respond effectively to conversations, and it’s up to us to put into practice new […]


How to Calm Someone with Dementia

When a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia becomes agitated, anxious or aggressive, it can be alarming and challenging for family caregivers. Becoming aware of the potential triggers and the types of calming techniques that can help refocus the individual is important for the comfort and safety of all […]


New Research Shows Commonly Prescribed Medications Increase Risk for Dementia

Commonly prescribed medications that are well-known to cause a number of short-term unwanted effects, such as memory loss and confusion, are now at the center of new research linking some of the stronger anticholinergic drugs to a substantially increased risk for dementia. These types of medications are commonly prescribed for Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, depression, and […]


Don’t Do It Alone: Why It’s Vital to Partner with Professionals for Dementia Care.

Although an incredible number of seniors are dealing with the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease, an even greater number of family members are struggling with taking care of them. Incredibly, nearly 75% of family care providers are managing their senior loved ones’ dementia care needs on their own, with only 26% seeking professional care support. Of […]


Wise Advice Dementia Caregivers Wish They’d Known Sooner

At times, the best lessons in life come about through going through them firsthand; yet the wisdom we are able to glean from those who have traveled a comparable route before us is priceless. If you’re a dementia caregiver and becoming a bit overwhelmed in this uncharted territory, the suggestions below might help: A brief […]


Dementia and Guns: A Deadly Mix?

With a heated level of debate rivaling the Hatfields and McCoys, it seems impossible to calmly come to an agreement regarding the issue of gun control. Yet no matter which side of the issue you are on, there’s one little-mentioned situation that should cause us all to take pause—the worrying mix of dementia and guns. […]


A Lesser Known Effect of Dementia: Anosognosia

“Why would you think I have Alzheimer’s? There’s nothing wrong with me!” If you’ve listened to a friend or family member with dementia frustratingly voice this or maybe a matching sentiment, it’s possible you have assumed the person was simply in denial and unwilling to accept a tough diagnosis. The simple truth is, however, that […]


How Law Enforcement Officials Are Handling Dementia Driven Crime

It seems incredible – a pleasant, at times confused grandma getting handcuffed and put under arrest. But nevertheless, that very scene is occurring at a frightening rate among the elderly, over 100,000 of them, according to the latest statistics – an increase of just about 30% in the past decade. This dramatic rise in arrests […]


New Study May Show Direct Link Between Insomnia and Dementia

Whether it is worry, stress or an overactive mind, many seniors have trouble falling and staying soundly asleep. Besides feeling a little foggy the next morning, however, and feeling the need for a mid-day nap to catch up on lost sleep, the consequences have seemed minimal. That is, until research recently suggested a possible link […]